Makes streaming easier

Scramjet is a free and open source software developed to be able to process in real-time a variety of data streaming. This framework was created to provide a broad group of customers a possibility to build live applications. Scramjet key features are:

low entry barriers

Because Scramjet is a spin-off of standard API's, 97% of software developers intuitively know how to use it. This makes stream processing feel easy to any developer on the planet.

fully customizable

Scramjet has no strict rules on what should you do, how the data should be delivered or how it should be outputted. Anything node.jscan consume, you can transform, analyze and output at will.

live data analisys

Scramjet performs data analysis on every single item at the time of it's appearance. This drastically improves performance of your analysis next to SQL based models and big data software like Hadoop.

Any device ready

Scramjet can easily transfer data to any device in your stack - smartphones, smart home applicances, browsers, displays. It's mostly suited to run on server, but it feels just as good in the browser.

resource saving

Scramjet can be run on any device because it doesn't require access to a large amount of memory, or powerful processors. Even a Raspberry PI is much more than Scramjet actually needs to run.

MIT Licensed

Scramjet is free and open sourced upon the MIT license. There's no restrictions on applying scramjet to your needs and using it in your closed source commercial products legally.

Scramjet Application Examples

Below you will find a couple of examples of how we can make scramjet work for your business. Our offer is simple, but please remember that Signicode is very flexible and our solutions always meet our customer needs. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

moving window

Scramjet works well in performing calculations in a window defined by time or length. We're able to present you with data that's always up-to-date.

Live timing

Scramjet performs astonishingly in live timing scenarios. If it's sports or production, when it comes to presenting time differences, we're all flexible.


The output of scramjet analysis can be used to control your process. No matter if it's physical or virtual, we'll easily adapt the system to your needs.