What does Humanify do?

Humanify ingests any kind of data series and automatically builds a web application for it. It presents every tuple of your data to your team and asks for a decision or input. Using that input Humanify then performs operations on the data like filtering, categorising or calling your APIs. Here are some of Humanify's key features:

open source

Humanify is free and open source software available for you to use at your own disposal in any business case. The software is licensed under the permissive MIT license.


No matter if your team is working in multiple places or even remotely, Humanify can be used over the Internet with full SSL encryption and access control based on your security standards.


Humanify application runs on your current PCs, Laptops and mobile devices. It doesn't need no blazing fast and state of art servers to run on or gigabytes of RAM to initialize.


The Humanify application is built to run on all the widely supported browsers, Android and iOS phones and tablets. Quite simply it works on the devices your team already has.


Minimal installation in couple simple lines of code. With nearly no configuration at al the system is up, running and ready to let your team get cracking on your data.


Humanify has been developed specifically to be able to easily adapt to your structures, call your API's to compile the full picture and perform further actions based on your decisions.

Humanify can help you in

Humanify can be used for nearly any live stream or even any long file. We do however think it will definitely feel most at home in these functional areas:


No matter on which side of marketing you're on: if you're monitoring social media profiles for your brand or run your real time bidding business, Humanify can display live trends to your team and let them react in a matter of seconds.


Humanify can display incidents and events from the whole organisation to your operations team and let them easily automate repeatable processes. By taking the clutter of their back Humanify improves the efficiency of your business.


Humanify can do real magic in the hands of your technology team. If you have a backlog of thousands of images to describe or you need to react quickly to occurring events, deploying an app for that is just a matter minutes.