What we do

Signicode is a technology company, based in Warsaw, Poland, whose mission is to deliver solutions for the data streaming market using our long experience in video streaming and large scale news services. The company is the effect of over 10 years experience in working with tier-one video streaming projects in Europe. We want to use the gained knowledge to expand the possibilities of our customers by providing expert consulting services in the following areas:

Video Platforms

Ingest, Encoding, Delivery, Low latency CDN and Origin Servers. We offer consulting services in integration of numerous 3rd party systems and provide featherweight software systems for ingest, transform and delivery.

Video Players

The company provides services in front-end video software development including video portals and custom cross-platform video players supporting full DRM coverage, analytics and QoS mechanisms.

DRM Systems

We have expert background in integrating numerous large-scale DRM solutions including Marlin, PlayReady, Widevine as well as other stream security solutions including clear key encryption, url hashing, signing.

Data Streaming

We provide services in large scale event data ingestion and transform, large dataset migrations between cloud vendors, asynchronous data enrichment and augmentation, moving window analysis and active machine learning.

Internet of Things

Our software solutions based on the Scramjet framework are designed for memory and bandwidth constrained environments. We build solutions offloading event based computing to the cloud saving local throughput and computing power.

Scale & optimization

Our team of experts offers consulting and integration services in software systems scalability and cost optimization in cloud usage and data transfer usage. We love finding uncommon solutions to complex problems.

Our Products

Who we are

Signicode is an expert team with 20 years of experience in developing software systems. We excel at building systems for end-to-end handling of video and data streaming over the network as well as IT consulting in the same field. Signicode's founder is Michał Czapracki, an entrepreneur, IT architect, software developer and IT enthusiast.

Company Experience

Founder's short bio

Michał Czapracki is an IT manager and software developer with almost 20 years professional experience, last ten of which he spent working on streaming projects. He was responsible for architecture and software design of international video streaming services like BeIN Sports, Fanseat, HBO Nordic or Plejmo. He managed the development teams that built video services for two major polish portals: onet.pl and gazeta.pl, as well as the largest Polish television company, tvn. Throughout his career, despite leading projects involving tens of people, he had been hands-on programming which allowed him to extend his expertise beyond a single programming platform or framework.

He's professionally addicted to

Online Video, Streaming Data, Architectural Puzzles and Twiddling With New Gizmos.

He's privately addicted to

Bearded Collies, Driving Anything Drive-able and Reading About His Biggest Idol, Albert Einstein.


Why Choose US

The choice of an IT partner for a long lasting business relationship is never simple. Here's why we believe Signicode is the right choice:


Signicode is affilated with no major software supplier. We know when your business case goes better with pears over apples, unlike many of our competitors.

Cost Effectiveness

Many of our past partners have seen Signicode's ability to adapt to the budget. We won't require you to purchase any costly software licenses before we know it'll bring you profits otherwise.

Experience Driven

All our experiences allow us to shield our customers from all the wrong paths or pitfalls and at the same time we can guide your business straight towards your goals.

All the platforms

We've deployed solutions to all possible platforms ranging from mobile to browser, from DTV's to set top boxes, from private servers to public clouds - and we're happy to extend our list with you.

Time to market

Thanks to the sum of our experiences and our trusted partners we're able to deliver products more quickly than our pars while ensuring that quality and security won't suffer.

Flexible approach

Not being a software house we can easily adapt to customer needs, methodology and even the physical place. Our team will adapt to deliver, not just to be able to call itself Scrum, Lean, PMI, Prince or else.



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Agora SA

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Arkena is one of Europe’s leading media services companies with 20 years of experience in the media industry. Arkena has more than 1500 customers.


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